• American Folk Marquetry

  • Marquetry is decorative work in which amazing puzzle-like patterns are formed by intricately cut and shaped wood chips--or veneers--that are glued in place to ornament the surfaces of furniture and personal objects.

    American Folk Marquetry: Masterpieces in Woodis the first volume to record the history of marquetry and the American masters who handed down the tradition from father to son. Never before has American folk marquetry been investigated, cataloged, or recognized as a distinct body of work. Until recently, documentation had not been discovered, names of marquetry makers were unknown, and a collection of important work was not available for study. Richard Mühlberger, former director of the Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield, Massachusetts, has written this beautifully illustrated volume after years of research and collaboration with collectors Robert and Marjorie Hirschhorn.

    Dimensions: 9.5 x 11"

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