• Miroslav Tichy: Form of Truth

  • Hounded by the Czech Communist regime in the 1960s, the controversial photographer Miroslav Tichy (born 1926) has today found acclaim for his photographs of women taken with homemade cameras. This handsomely produced Tichy monograph is unique among Tichy publications for two reasons: firstly because the photographs, drawn from private collections, are all previously unpublished; and secondly because it is conceived and authored by the Italian former Situationist Gianfranco Sanguinetti, who has likewise come into conflict with state authorities, having been deported from France and Italy several times for his work with Guy Debord. The bulk of the photographs in this volume are derived from Sanguinetti's Tichy collection, and are prefaced with a lengthy meditation on the photographer by Sanguinetti, who declares his admiration for Tich∆'s personal and artistic disregard for social conventions, and the anti-modernist character of his methods and materials.

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