• Family Found: The Lifetime Obsession of Morton Bartlett

  • The work of Morton Bartlett, Boston, 1909 – 1992, a self-taught sculptor and photographer, has become iconic in the art world since it was purchased, untouched in its entirety, by Marion Harris. A superlative group of figurative sculptures and photographs of children, created by Bartlett from 1936 – 1963, translates into a sublime marriage of art and eccentricity. Comprising 12 girls and three boys, the latter considered by many to represent the artist at age 7, the figures range in age from infant to teenager and measure approximately 1/3 – 1/2 scale.

    Realistic, detailed and anatomically accurate, Bartlett’s fantasy family is dressed in clothes he meticulously designed, sewed and knitted himself. The sole purpose of this obsessive endeavor was a “family” album of photographs. The “children” were captured for eternity in his mind and with his camera. Posing them in easily imagined everyday scenes, Bartlett the photographer allows us to observe them reading a book in bed, practicing at ballet class and having fun at the beach. The remarkably lifelike photographs have been exhibited internationally and share a resonance with postmodern works by Cindy Sherman and Laurie Simmons; along with the original sculptures, all are now in private or museum collections.

    Dimensions: 9 x 12"

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