• Yankee Team on Baseball Bat

  • Lee Neary began carving when he was a supervisor of construction projects. He traveled around the country, visiting many buildings, hospitals, hotels etc. and on weekends he would carve. He took some pieces to the Museum of American Folk Art and it was well received. When a recession hit the construction industry, he began carving full time, he has never looked back. Lee Neary's work is causal and playful with a smart-aleck streak. He carves what he calls "wise old sayings" out of pieces of wood and adds color and character to each piece.

    In this piece, Lee Neary created Yankee team of 9 members, all standing on a baseball bat. At the very end of the bat, is an actual baseball. This piece is a hanging piece, using fishing wire which was put on by Lee Neary. 

    Dimensions: 32 x 12 x 4"

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $360.00

  • $400.00

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