• Bowman Willet Shorebird Decoy

  • Jac Johnson and Patricia Paxson Johnson began their partnership more than twenty years ago by creating reproductions of southern decoys under the name of Back Bay Decoys and quickly established a loyal following with both decoy dealers as well as collectors. Completely self taught in several disciplines.Jac attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA., majoring in business and economics; while Patricia dedicated her higher education to art.  Both left school early to pursue art professionally; and started their collaboration by marketing their antique reproduction decoys directly to galleries and stores. Over the last decade and a half their work has been sold in forty different states and four different countries – and clients include Senators and professional Athletes.

    In this piece, Jac and Patricia Johnson carved out a Bowman Willet Shorebird bring stood up by a think piece of metal, attached to a block of wood painted black.

    Dimensions: 14 x 16.5"

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $180.00

  • $200.00

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