• Fool Fly

  • There are cute cuddle animals. And then there are the BEASTS: Quirky, funny designer plush!  Their designers pay particular attention to the unique and high quality materials used to create the BEASTS. Each BEAST has its unique name and story printed on its tag in English, German and French. Designed in Germany and made in the European Union (Romania).   

     This is Fool Fly's story as written on its tag:

    "One of the most foolish characters in BeastsTown and always a fan of a silly joke. Once he operated his own airline but went bankrupt due to overly long announcements flights, is now one of the most important shareholders in Paradise Paul‘s travel agency. The fact that he repeatedly parrots his miserably long and bad jokes does not make him overly popular amongst his feathered friends."

    Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 7.5

    MEMBERS’ PRICE: $54.00

  • $60.00

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