• Alabama Quilts: Wilderness through World War II, 1682-1950

  • Alabama Quilts: Wilderness through World War II, 16821950 is a look at the quilts of the state from before Alabama was part of the Mississippi Territory through the Second World War―a period of 268 years. The quilts are examined for their cultural context―that is, within the community and time in which they were made, the lives of the makers, and the events for which they were made.

    Starting as far back as 1682, with a fragment that research indicates could possibly be the oldest quilt in America, the volume covers quilting in Alabama up through 1950. There are seven sections in the book to represent each time period of quilting in Alabama, and each section discusses the particular factors that influenced the appearance of the quilts, such as migration and population patterns, socioeconomic conditions, political climate, lifestyle paradigms, and historic events. Interwoven in this narrative are the stories of individuals associated with certain quilts, as recorded on quilt documentation forms. The book also includes over 265 beautiful photographs of the quilts and their intricate details.

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