• Gypsy Penny Pitcher Hanging Game Board

  • By studying the past history of the game board craft Diane Allison began to draw upon the "old ways", keeping with simplicity to the eye with the intention of use, designs are then kept simple, with many of the colors inspired by her natural surroundings. Many of the pieces original designs date back to the 1800's, and she has combined this with her original style to create a very unique and warm piece - combining the past with the present.

    To start the game, the first player stands behind the line and throws a penny against the wall. The next player throws his or her penny against the wall and tries to hit the other player's penny. If he or she succeeds, that player takes both pennies. The player who has just won pitches the next penny. This Game is made some a single piece of wood, painted with acrylic bright colored paint. 

    Dimensions: 19" 

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $171.00

  • $190.00 $380.00

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