• PHOTO | BRUT: Collection Bruno Decharme & Compagnie

  • PHOTO | BRUT is a continuation of the American Folk Art Museum’s commitment to champion the works of self-taught artists—this time with a focus on the ever-changing field of photography, the frontiers and accessibility of which expanded proportionally with the invention of portable and affordable cameras. 

    This companion publication presents more than five hundred works drawn from the exceptional collection of Bruno Decharme, as well as from the American Folk Art Museum, public institutions, and private collections. The fifty-three featured artists—among them Steve Ashby, Morton Bartlett, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Lee Godie, Norma Oliver, Ichio Sugino, Miroslav Tichý, and Marcel Bascoulard—stand out for the particular inventiveness of their productions, which defy the categories and boundaries traditionally used in art history. They shine light on the innovative practices in the field of photography, offering fresh insight into the medium. The catalog includes contributions by the exhibition curators Bruno Decharme, Valérie Rousseau, Barbara Safarova, and Sam Stourdzé, and renowned specialists like Michel Thévoz and Brian Wallis.

    Published by Flammarion in collaboration with the American Folk Art Museum, New York, and abcd, Paris, 2019. ISBN 978-2-08-020432-5. 320 pages, hard cover, 9.5 x 11 in.

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