• Presidential Quotes by "Missionary" Mary L. Proctor

  • After losing 4 relatives to a house fire in February 1995, a small but angelic voice came to "Missionary" Mary Proctor and asked her to paint a door. Once that door was completed, she sold it to an art collector. Fascinated by her work, more doors were commissioned, and thus began her career as a folk artist. Since that time, Mary has painted compulsively.

    On the surfaces that she paints, Mary also glues buttons, sticks, pebbles, broken pieces of glass, mirror & plates. To her, reassembling the broken pieces represents the process of mending. She sees herself as a missionary and the people who purchase her work as the congregation.

    In this collection of work, "Missionary" Mary Proctor paints famous quotes of presidents on wooden boards. On the front of the work is the quote of the selected president, decorated with the colors of the American flag. On the back of the work there is a written note on why she created this collection. 

    Dimensions: 12.5 x 12.5 x 0.25"

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $81.00

  • $90.00

  • Presidential Quotes by "Missionary" Mary L. Proctor
  • Presidential Quotes by "Missionary" Mary L. Proctor

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