• Two Fancy Horses

  • Fraktur Art is the manuscript art of the Pennsylvania Germans. Manuscript art connotes the decoration of paper with calligraphic texts and related designs, figures, and symbols. The name fraktur came to mean the folk art form as well as the letter style that is central to it. Pennsylvania Germans brought the use of fraktur on formal documents with them to the New World.

    Susan Soloway Daul, who grew up in the woodlands of New Jersey, has been drawing and painting since her early childhood. It was a natural progression for Susan's focus to fall on Fraktur, as their inspirational verses, charming use of animals and beautiful combinations of color proved irresistible from the first time that she saw one. Initially given as gifts to special friends and family, Susan's creations have quickly become desirable to collectors as appreciation for her Fraktur has spread far and wide. Suan Daul's artworks are individually numbered, limited reproductions of a single piece. Frames are made from wood and painted decoratively. 

    Dimensions: 10.5 x 7.5 x 0.5" 

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $81.00

  • $90.00

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