• Weathercock Weathervane

  • Weathervanes, whirligigs and trade signs are as varied as the subject matter that Steve Hazlett represents. 100+ year old heart pine salvaged from out buildings and barns built in the 19th century in upstate New York are used in creating his work. He also incorporates antique copper, tin and iron into the work. He uses chisels, draw knives, handsaws and carving knives to handcraft the artwork. Buttermilk paint, which was widely used in early America after 1800, is the most accurate historical choice for completing the objects.

    In this piece, Steve Hazlett chiseled a rooster from a single piece of wood, with metal feet, tail and comb. A freestanding weathervane with a metal base. 

    Dimensions: 14.5"L x 5.5"W x 21"H

    MEMBERS' PRICE: $247.50

  • $275.00

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